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La Carbonera 701, Colonia Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax.
Office +52.951.51.69073
Cell phone +52.1.951.119.5076 text and whatsapp available

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To confirm a reservation we require a deposit of 2000 pesos. It can be made to our Mexican bank account, by Paypal (an additional Paypal commission of 108.00 pesos will be added on top of the deposit) or by Western Union.

  • Please let us know which method you would prefer and we will send you the information you need.
  • Upon arrival or by the following day, payment of the full weekly or monthly rent is required.
  • Your reservation deposit will remain as a Security Deposit. It will be returned to you upon departure with the return of the apartment keys and if the room is in it’s original condition. If you do not wish to have pesos at the end of your stay, the deposit can be exchanged for a different currency, upon arrival.


  • Changes can be made 25 days prior to your arrival date for no charge. Any changes made after this date will incur a charge for the unused nights, unless we can rent the apartment for those nights. Any changes will be dependent on the availability of the apartments at Al Sol.
  • In case of cancellation, 50% of your reservation deposit will be refunded up to 45 days prior to your original arrival date. No refund will be made if your cancelation is made after this period.

Our experience and feedback tells us to accept only children who are over 12 years of age.

We do not allow pets.

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